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Thus, the courses and students can be different. The main directions in training on blockchain are the following:

– To provide a general immersion in the blockchain for any cases, for beginners. They learn about technology from all sides: not only the technical part, but also legal, economic aspects and so on;

– Blockchain for business: for executives, a more interactive format, with fewer people, often with the ability to communicate inside the team;

– The course for developers: it is important, because there are not enough developers in the field of blockchain.

There is a lot of information on the Internet about the blockchain, but it is rather superficial. Everyone says how great it is, what an explosion, that it’s the future. But the details of why this is so and how it is specifically applied, no one specifically discloses. Therefore, many decide to deal with the issue more seriously, to study how it all works. And this is the right decision, considering the current

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